Viseu de Sus

Viseu de Sus, Maramures county resort of local interest is declared as HG 1204, published in the Official Gazette of 7 October 2009.


Viseu de Sus is documented from February 2 1365. The first mention of locality appears in dreams as diploma Hungarian King Louis of Anjou. Following other authors, the place is attested since 1549 under the title "Broken Dreams" New "or" Between Rivers ", situated at the confluence of two rivers, Viseu and Vaser.


Geography Viseu de Sus

Viseu de Sus se afla intre raurile, Viseu si Vaser, la o altitudine de 427 m deasupra nivelului marii. Latitudinea nordica este de 47 grade si 43 minute iar longitudinea estica de 24 grade si 25 minute. Viseu de Sus este un oras de munte. Se invecineaza la Nord - Nord Est cu muntii Maramuresului si Republica Ucraina, la Sud Est cu Muntii Rodnei si are ca vecini comunele Moisei in partea de Sud Est si Viseu de Jos in partea de Vest, iar in Nord Vest Poienile de sub Munte.


Viseu de Sus area is 44,306 ha, of which:

  • Administrative territory (ha): 44.306
  • Contained in urban (ha): 1487.28
  • Agricultural area (ha): 4.7
  • Non-agricultural area (ha): 42814.02


Relief Viseu de Sus

The landscape is mountainous area, consisting of a hollow surrounded by hills. It is strongly inclined slopes, deep valleys and narrow, hilly, with heights ranging between 400 m and 1042 m (top of Dan). They are composed of hard rocks with alternations of clays and shale.


Of all the landscape, the landscape is the most important contribution to the overall composition of overlapping interest motivations. For tourism, the current widespread existence and diverse mountain landscape as structure and physiognomy.


Vaser Valley is the most attractive tourist route of Maramures Mountains, a gorge dug mass crystalline shale, separating left some crystalline solid: Prislopasul (1201 m), Grebeni (1594 m) - from innovative and Novicioru (1452 m). Are Dyk's peaks and porfiroide. In the north-east border between Upper and Vaser, is a series of peaks of 1300-1500 m, drawn from a unit that goes granite ridge, situated at 1500-1700 m, called Peak Ştevioara. North of elbow Vaser valley between flour and Botizu, is Suligu Mount (1688 m). Peak Toroiaga extends to the Vaser Valley Taslei. It is dominated by Neogene eruptive and crystalline. Peak massif is formed mainly Toroiaga (1930 m), Goat leg extended in the east (1804 m) and north Gypsy Peak (1736 m).


There are many things to say about the town of Viseu de Sus in Maramures. If you want to visit this area do not forget to visit us at the guesthouse Nagy.


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