Merry Cemetery Sapanta


The name  Sapanta Merry Cemetery comes because of grave crosses and satirical poems written on his epitaph. It has become over time a sight that brought fame to some town in which it occurs - Sapanta.


Merry Cemetery was built in the mid-1930s by Stan Ion Patras folk artist - sculptor, painter and poet. More than 50 years, the artist has created hundreds of wooden crosses in his characteristic style and "gay", whose tradition continued to occupy after his death Dumitru Pop Tincu disciple. To paint the scenes, they used strong colors: blue Sapanta, green, yellow, red, white.


Cimitirul Vesel SapantaCimitirul Vesel SapantaCimitirul Vesel Sapanta


Poetry on the crosses in the cemetery are usually satires sincere, spontaneous, containing the name of the deceased and capture some specific aspects of his life. Happiness in the face of death that comes from a legend that says that this custom belonged to the Dacians. They believed in eternal life, passing into another world after death and thus the chance of meeting their god Zamolxe.