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Pension NAGY located in Viseu de Sus - in the immediate vicinity of famous tourist attractions in Maramures, and Merry Cemetery, Valley Wine wooden monastery in Barsana, Vaser - Viseu symbol due to the existence last train on the narrow track also up in Europe - offers you 24 rooms equipped with all necessary facilities, restaurant, bar, massage, bike rides, conference room,biliard pool, wireless internet access, parking space, children's playground, paint ball.


We invite you to spend your free time in nature, in an atmosphere of refinement and elegance.



Pension Nagy is an active board, organize tourist routes, and various activities of their choice.

What you see here is indescribable to us in pictures, how you feel Nagy House is unique.

You're welcome!

Oktoberfest 2013
  • Tourism area

    Tourism area

    Once housed at the guesthouse Nagy visit tourist areas in this area, and the Merry Cemetery Sapanta, Vaser, Horse Falls, Mocan, have Cavnic Borsa ski.

  • Activities


    Pension Nagy is an active board. Organize tourist expeditions, various events each year to convince you visit the gallery and video ...

  • History


    Here you can find historical pension Nagy Nagy as pension and life took every day as more and more services we offer ...