It all started in 1990 after the Revolution.

When the Austrians came Viseu de Sus civil army "Zivildinst" by Caritas seeking families who were settled in the neighborhood german Zipserai.



Two of them were accommodated in our family (Nagy). Every year they take the place of others and for one month the new ones were trained.


Accommodation space was small for all of us so we thought to increase space for everyone to sit comfortably. We have built three new rooms. Shortly Austrians who stayed at our family began to send their families, friends, because they felt very well in our company.



And today, we keep in touch with these families, and they and their children continue to visit us.

So was born the guesthouse Nagy, one of the oldest hostels in Viseu de Sus.


For years we add one more Annex I raised each one building currently offering 40 places, more than 150 for restaurants, solarium, jacuzzi, sauna and more.



Oktoberfest 2013
  • About us

    About us

    Pension NAGY located in Viseu de Sus - in the immediate vicinity of famous tourist attractions in Maramures, and Merry Cemetery, Valley Wine wooden monastery in Barsana, Vaser ...

  • Tourism area

    Tourism area

    Once housed at the guesthouse Nagy visit tourist areas in this area, and the Merry Cemetery Sapanta, Vaser, Horse Falls, Mocan, have Cavnic Borsa ski.

  • Activities


    Pension Nagy is an active board. Organize tourist expeditions, various events each year to convince you visit the gallery and video ...